When The Family didn’t Protecting The Children’s future anymore


The family is a place for Children shelter that keep them safe from the potential dangers that exist on the outside. However, if this potential is to be otherwise terms, it will the threatened children’s future. It is no longer a place for the children are protected from violence. As happened recently on Angeline case that drew a lot of public attention, even to an international news reported this cases to their public.

The case evolved from the perpetrators of violence against children to the murder and even more surprising, foster mother Angeline became a suspect with a motive of inheritance. such as the previously as the public know this case is when the foster mother Angeline claim and reported that Angeline has disappeared, but soon after that the investigators from the police department, finding the lifeless body of Angeline in the back yard of the house. In a statement to the media, Siti Sapurah said “Kids have always been victims of treatment parents are supposed to protect. Since the beginning I’ve been thinking negatively. This kid (Angeline) intentionally omitted. There is something planned neat, “said Siti told CNN Indonesia, Thursday, June 11th. The case is still under investigation, but from many people and governments still follow the development of this case.

Other violence case is the case of children GT (12) who had been tortured by the biological mother with a chainsaw, “Still under investigation are former sawed as reported or used another,” said South Jakarta Police department, AKBP Audie Latuheru, on July 4 2015 ago.

According to Rio former chairman of the neighborhood (RT), the biological child abuse occurred had lasted a whole year, “Last year that child experiencing violance from her mother, but we as neighbors do not dare to take action, to know themselves as spread in the media, that mother had people in tow (bodyguard) that much makes people afraid. That’s why we think twice to report her, “said Rio explained.

GT (12) once told FB (Inisial Name) that the biological mother did injure her hand with a saw, burned with cigarettes and asked to hold up a burning Baygon and other violence carried out by her own biological mother.
Currently GT (12), was in the safe house that belonging to the social ministry in the area of ​​North Jakarta. The case is still under investigation.

As with the case of JIS (Jakarta Intercultural School) was a scene last year, namely the allegations of sexual abuse of children to 6 cleaning service and two Masters JIS, however time goes by, procurement irregularities evidence began to unfold, many irregularities medical remarks was presented by Doctor Forensic expert Dr Ferryal that the absence of strong evidence of medically over the allegations, also Dr. Lutfi once gave a statement on the court that there’s no indication that the child victims have the disease for what has been claimed by biological mother to her child. Motive known that Mother of victim child demands money of US $ 125 billion from the international school. If it is proven that mother has used her child as an object for a huge amount of money. Then the future of this child will be threatened because of false memory given by the mother to the child’s psychological in his society further.

If this proved on court that the suspects who have been alleged by Mrs. MAK (Mother of victim child) not guilty, it will add a series of violence against children also criminalization laws on all the accused. This case is still under investigation and will be followed further to the level of a higher court.


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